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Here at Guadalupe Gardens we're a little different than your 'normal' nursery. We sell only Native Texas Plants and do our very best to carry unusual and hard-to-find species. They usually don't freeze, they don't need a lot of water or fuss and they feed and protect the bugs, birds, bats and beings who belong here in Central Texas.


We also sell beer and wine in the nursery on the days we are open and have fun cocktail events now and again. Grab a drink and get down with some fantastic plants.


We like to think of ourselves as 'the nerdy nursery with beer on the side.' We are excited to share our love of place with plant newbies and experts alike.

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Our Story 

Guadalupe Gardens sits on (what was nearly) the ruins of a grand old nursery in Marion, Texas. Built in 1958, this property was a showcase famous for miles around. It fell into neglect over the decades and the current owner, Chuck Hildebrand, bought it when she found out the greenhouses were going to be sold off to make parking for a sports bar. It's a long haul putting everything back together, but this Humpty Dumpty nursery is well on its way to being a jewel again. 


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